Our Philosophy

We at Triple Crown Caterers believe that among all the things that go into hosting a function, be it corporate or social / personal, the food is the most important thing that is remembered and cherished by the guests. Therefore, it is our mission to take all steps towards our this belief.


  • To meet and exceed our customer expectations, as well as to be one of the leading food service and respected caterers to our valued clients.
  • Indian Cuisine premium service at an affordable rate for everyone.


  • Building a relationship and caring for the welfare of staff.
  • Maintaining quality of service, in terms of providing healthy food, clean and fine.
  • To providing more than the just good and great service to our customer but achieving the same consistency in every one of our delivery while maintaining our quality each and every time.
  • We are in food business that cares deeply for customer satisfaction to ensure that customer get what they paid for. We aim to provide 'peace of mind' to customer at reasonable rate.
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Providing Quality Food Everyday

We cater to large corporates in Delhi & Gurgaon in providing High Quality food everyday. We have a state of the art kitchen and quality Chefs who work with dedication to deliver good food at the right time.

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Quality Food for all Occasions

Be in any occasion like a Social Party, Wedding, Get-togethers, Birthday & Anniversary Parties etc ., we are their to take care of the entire setup for Food, Snacks & Beverages

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How to Reach Us?

If you are looking for more information about us you can either write to us or call us.